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11th International Materials Specialty

The 11th International Materials Specialty Conference has a particular focus on how materials contribute to a sustainable, durable and resilient civil infrastructure. The conference will explore applications and case studies of indigenous, traditional and emerging materials in civil infrastructure, studies on durability, repair, service life performance, sustainability and other related aspects of materials in civil engineering.”

Materials Specialty Co-Chairs


Nathalie Roy


M. L. Nehdi

2024 Topics

  • Net-Zero, Low Carbon, and Negative Carbon Construction Materials

  • Geopolymers, Alkali-Activated, and other Alternative Binders

  • Added Manufacturing and 3D Printing

  • Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence

  • Self-Healing, Biomimicry, Bio-Inspired, and Stimuli-Responsive Materials

  • Life Cycle Analysis of Materials in Civil Engineering Applications

  • Computational Mechanics and Numerical Methods

  • Materials under Extreme Mechanical and Environmental Loading

  • Non-Destructive Testing and Novel Experimental Methods

  • Concrete Durability: Aggregate Reactions, Sulfate Attack, Corrosion, etc.

  • Assessment, Rehabilitation, Repair, and Repair Materials

  • Fiber-Reinforced and Engineered Cementitious Composites

  • Recycled Materials and Circular Economy

  • Concrete of Special and Adapted Properties

  • High-Performance and Ultra-High-Performance Materials

  • Pervious Concrete

  • Advances in Materials for Social Housing and Disaster Mitigation

  • Advances in Precast, Pre-tension and Post-Tension Concrete Technology

  • Advances in Materials for Modular Construction

  • Innovative and Emerging Materials in Civil Engineering

  • Bituminous, Pavement and Geotechnical Materials

  • Stainless, High-Strength, and Cold-Formed Steel

  • Advanced Composite Materials

  • ·Shape-Memory Alloys

  • Aluminum and other Metals and Alloys

  • Case Studies on, and applications of Construction Materials

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