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Cold Regions Specialty

Cold Regions Co-Chairs

The 2024 CSCE Cold Regions Specialty Conference will focus on the development and advance in different aspects of civil engineering in cold regions.

Cold Regions_Jianbing Li Photo March 202

Jianbing Li

Cold Regions_Jinkai Xue Photo_edited.png

Jinkai Xue

2024 Topics

  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation in cold regions

  • Hydraulics and hydrology in cold regions

  • Construction in permafrost and seasonal frost conditions

  • Performance of civil engineering materials and structures under cold climates

  • Transportation and infrastructure in cold regions

  • Resource exploration and development under cold climates

  • Water security in cold regions, both urban and rural/remote communities

  • Assessment and protection of the built and natural environments in cold regions

  • Case studies in northern and arctic regions

  • Other cold regions topics

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