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Hydrotechnical Specialty

The CSCE’s Hydrotechnical Division’s Specialty Conference, traditionally known as the Canadian Hydrotechnical Conference, invites manuscript and presentations from the broad areas of hydraulic and hydrological engineering from both practice and academia. Case studies are welcome, in addition to state-of-the-art research. The Hydrotechnical Division encourages young professionals as well as established engineers and researchers to attend this conference.

Hydrotechnical Specialty Chair

DrAzimi 9April2015_0_edited.png

Amir Azimi


  • Experimental methods and instrumentation

  • Computational methods in fluid dynamics

  • Hydraulic structures

  • Fluvial hydraulics and river engineering

  • Climate change and resilient infrastructure

  • Climate change and water resources planning

  • Coastal and ocean engineering

  • Hydrology and remote sensing

  • Flood risk management

  • River ice engineering

  • Hydroinformatics

  • Sediment transport

  • Sustainable water resource management and policy

  • Irrigation and drainage engineering

  • Ecohydraulics and fish habitat restoration

  • Urban hydrology and storm water management

  • Water quality measurements and modeling

  • Mixing, dispersion and stratified flows

  • Hydraulic engineering education

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